Author Shahid Khaliq, April 25, 2017

A large number of our users describe their APIs using our API editor and generate SDKs from our website. But there is an equally large niche of our users who prefer using our CodeGen API to generate SDKs or our Transformer API to transform their API descriptions. We set out with the goal of making the lives of these API users easier and came up with the APIMatic CLI.

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Author Faria Rehman, April 19, 2017

Recently, some of the API description formats, including RAML and API Blueprint, have started supporting detailed request and response example objects. If you use such a format then good news is that APIMatic's code-gen engine now utilizes your example objects to automatically generate test cases for your API. That means if you generate an SDK using a RAML file which contains example objects, the SDK will come bundled with test cases for you to test your API, right away.

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Author Faria Rehman, April 10, 2017

Having an API means providing the complete package to your customers so they can conveniently and effectively consume that API. This includes detailed, up-to-date documentation, SDKs in your customer’s favorite language, and any other tools to help get up to speed on your API.

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