API Consumption, Adoption, Integration

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APIMATIC works with your tools

From Angular to Xcode projects, we've got you covered. Choose your flavour from our 10 SDK platforms.

Visual studio class library project for Portable and Universal Windows Platform

Eclipse compatible Maven project for Java 6 and above

Android Studio compatible Gradle project for Android Gingerbread and above

XCode project based on CoCoaPods for iOS 6 and above

A PSR-4 compliant Composer package for PHP 5.3 and above

A Python package compatible with Python 2 and 3 using PIP as the dependency manager

A lightweight SDK for AngularJS 1.x containing injectable wrappers for your API

A Node.js NPM client library for Node.js version 4 and above

A ruby project to create a gem library your API based on Ruby>=2.0.0

A client library project for Go language (v1.4)

Works with your API Descriptions

APIMATIC has the widest support of API description formats including Swagger, OAI format, RAML, API Blueprint, IO Docs, WADL, Postman Collections and HAR 1.4 and more.

Works with your CI toolchain

APIMATIC’s CodeGen API can be invoked using cURL, shell scripts or any other mechanism that is supported by your CI toolchain. Support for popular CI tools is provided out of the box.

Works from your Developer Portal

You can embed our JavaScript and Markdown widgets directly into your developer portals to provide freshly-squeezed high quality up-to-date SDKs. Integration with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, APIARY Documentation and GitHub ReadMe files already exists.

Works for Your Environment

The generated SDKs work out of the box. You have over 25 different code generation tweaks at your disposal, so you can quickly and easily customize the SDKs.

APIMATIC for the whole team

Share your API description with team members and stay up-to-date with latest API definition. Best of all, you can share your subscription across your team members to avoid having to pay individually.